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Why AI Will Never Replace Nurse Writers 2023 ai artificial intelligence chatgpt content writing health content writing health journalism health writing journalism

Lately, we’ve been fielding a lot of questions in our coaching sessions regarding Artificial Intelligence (AI)- based writing apps like ChatGPT.

“Should I even bother pursuing freelance writing?” some nurses wonder. “Isn’t AI going to take all the jobs away?”


New Year, New Coaches, New Sessions, New Enrollment Advisor 2023 coaches coaching freelance writing basics freelance writing for nurses freelance writing training learn how to be a freelance writer nurse writer rn2writer news

RN2writer is ringing in 2023 by welcoming four new coaches to the organization: Yvonne Stolworthy, Amy Isler, and Marijke Vroomen-Durning. Each coach is a Registered Nurse and experienced freelance writer who will now be sharing their insights and expertise with RN2writer members to expand and...

Health Writer Happy Hour: You're Invited! content writing freelance writing for nurses health journalism health writer happy hour networking

Join other health writers at all stages of their careers - aspiring, working, established - for the Health Writer Happy Hour each week. This event is free and open to the public!

Learn more about health writing for nurses in a fun, social environment.

What: Health Writer Happy Hour hosted by ...

12 Things to Do in December to Jumpstart Your Writing Career in 2022 2022 freelance writing for nurses marketing planning

December can be a slow period. Or it can be intensely busy. I’ve experienced both scenarios in my 20+ year career as a freelance writer.

This year has been insanely busy for me. Not only have I written a record amount of client work, but I launched RN2writer as an educational hub for nurses...

Bookmark This: Your New Must-Read Blog Site is Coming content writing rn2writerdaily website

Disclaimer: This post contains information and links about products from one or more of our sponsors. RN2writer makes money any time you click one of these links and then make a purchase. To read our full Advertising & Affiliate Disclaimer, click here.

In this season of gratitude and giving...

Workweek: New B2B Media Model Launches – Relevant for Nurse Writers? affiliate link b2b branding content marketing freelance business influencer

Disclaimer: This post contains information and links about products from one or more of our sponsors. RN2writer makes money any time you click one of these links and then make a purchase. To read our full Advertising & Affiliate Disclaimer, click here.

An interesting bit of news hit the wire...

RN2writer Picks: Top Home Office Supplies for Nurse Writers amazon storefront home office items office supplies

[Ed. note: Starting this week, you can expect to see a gradual transition in the volume and types of content we publish on the RN2writer blog. In keeping with our goal of helping as many nurses as possible become freelance writers, we plan to publish more practical and useful blog posts than ever...

Sincere Gratitude + Exciting Plans for 2022 2022 plans rn2writer

Dear Nurses,

When I launched RN2writer in September of 2019, I set an ambitious goal: I wanted to build this into a million-dollar company over the course of 10 years.

I say “ambitious,” but, honestly, I thought this goal was reasonable. I felt with hard work and dedication, I...

3 Types of Writing Nurses Can Excel at – and Where to Find Opportunities blog posts business tips freelance writing health journalism infographics white papers writing types

When you’re first starting out as a writer, the many possibilities available to you can lead to overwhelm. You might see opportunities for “white paper writers” or “health reporters” or “blog post writers.” Where should you start? Should you pursue only...

3 Ways to Find Sources for Your Articles experts freelance writing journalism networking sources

Recently, in the Success Society, Leona asked about interviewing. One thing she wanted to know was where to find sources – you know, real human beings to interview.

Leona suggested it would make a great segment for The RN2writer Show (and she’s right!). But I thought I’d start...

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