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Nurse Writers: Let’s Take the Dread Out of Negotiation

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 Does the word “negotiate” make the hair on the back of your neck stand up? If so, you’re not alone! 

 But what if we told you that negotiation isn't...

Freelance Writers: How to Build a Steady Income Stream

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As nurses, we understand the importance of financial stability and the desire for a fulfilling career. Freelance health writing offers the perfect opportunity to combine our passion for...

The Art of Balancing Freedom and Discipline as a Freelancer

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It can be easy to become intoxicated by the freedom of self-employment. But if you succumb to that, you may never get any actual work done. Today, let's talk about balancing the freedom of...

How Do Nurse Writers Find Clients?

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Because freelance writing is such an obscure career, many nurses misunderstand the process of finding clients. First of all, they don't understand who a prospective client is. And then they fear...

No, AI is NOT Taking All the Writing Jobs

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Lots of nurses today are expressing skepticism to us about becoming a freelance writer because of all the chatter-chat-chat about AI tools like ChatGPT, Google Bard, and others, which they...

What is a Pitch in Freelance Writing?

You can’t hang around freelance writers for five minutes without hearing the word pitch used - or one of its other grammatical iterations: pitches, pitching, pitched. But what does pitch mean Exactly? 

 Part of the problem with the word “pitch” is that it can be used...

The Only 3 Skills Nurses Need to Launch a Writing Business

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If you're worried that you need to use hard sales tactics or be an uber businessperson, to become a freelance health writer, you're going to be shocked at how low the bar to entry actually...

What is the Best Way for a Nurse to Make Extra Money?

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What is the best, easiest and most creative way for a nurse to make extra dollars? Pick up extra shifts? Join an MLM company? Open an Etsy shop to sell handicrafts? Nope, nope, and nope....

The Secret to Finding Time to Write as a Freelance Nurse Writer

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See if this sounds familiar.... 

You launched your freelance writing business, and then, suddenly, life intervened. Weeks have gone by, and you haven't been able to work on your business...

Why AI Will Never Replace Nurse Writers 2023 ai artificial intelligence chatgpt content writing health content writing health journalism health writing journalism

Lately, we’ve been fielding a lot of questions in our coaching sessions regarding Artificial Intelligence (AI)- based writing apps like ChatGPT.

“Should I even bother pursuing freelance writing?” some nurses wonder. “Isn’t AI going to take all the jobs away?”


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