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One, Two, No-Three: How to Launch Your Writing Career in Two Easy Steps

Recently, I invited everyone to “Ask Me Anything” in a since-deleted comment thread at the old newsletter site. (Although the thread is defunct, you can still send me questions anytime.) I promised to answer those questions in future newsletters, and I’m tackling one...

The Essential Skills Nurses Need to Launch a Freelance Writing Business

Aspiring nurse-writers frequently ask me what skills and knowledge they need before they can launch a freelance writing business. Many nurses already possess all the qualifications they need to become a professional writer, though they may not know it. So today I thought I’d tell you what I...

On Fitting Life into Work, Instead of Vice-Versa

I often talk about the money aspect of freelancing. Sure, I make good money. Great money, compared to many writers.

But money isn’t life.

One of the main reasons I love the freelance lifestyle is because it allows me to fit my work into my life instead of having to fit my life into my work....

My Actual Work Schedule for the Week of April 13

Many, many people don’t believe me when I say I only work part-time, yet earn six figures in revenue each year. But it’s true.

As I said, I believe life is all about time and how we spend it. Being somewhat hedonistic, I prefer to spend my time pursuing things I love to do, not...

12 Things You Can Do This Weekend to Launch or Build Your Freelance Writing Business

It’s May Day! This May 1 is unlike any other we’ve ever witnessed in our lifetimes – and hopefully will never experience again.

I’ve always held a special place in my heart for May Day. It unofficially ushers in springtime. When May Day arrives, my head dances with...

Freelance Writer Resumes? Um, no.

My friend (and RN2writer subscriber) Lizz asked me the other day if prospective clients ever ask me for a resume – because this had just happened to her.

My short answer is: No. I do not do resumes as a freelancer.

Well, to clarify, yes, prospective clients do ask me for a resume...

3 Goal Setting Approaches for Nurse-Writers that Can Maximize Productivity

Once you’ve hung your shingle as a freelance nurse-writer (woot!), you need to constantly nurture your business so it flourishes. Without goal-setting, that’s just not gonna happen.

How do you juggle client work with prospecting with invoicing with negotiating with updating your...

Payment Terms Every Nurse-Writer Should Know

What is “net 30”? “Net-45”? “On acceptance”? What does “on publication” mean? How about “kill fee”?

These are all types of payment terms offered in the publishing and content industries. In order to manage your business’ cash flow,...

Freelance Writing Contract Protocol: Yours, Mine, or Ours?

Last week I wrote about payment terms, and that generated a new question from a subscriber about contract protocol, in general. Like, if the client routinely works with freelance writers and has its own contract, do you insist on using your own?

In a word: No.

Let’s look at a few scenarios...

Dr. Pimple Popper Dissed Me on Twitter, and…

I never expected to sit down at my desk on a Monday morning and find my inbox flooded with messages from strangers, asking me if I had seen what Dr. Sandra Lee (aka: celebrity dermatologist “Dr. Pimple Popper”) had said “about me” on Twitter.


One person helpfully...

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