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Everything we do at RN2writer is focused on one goal: Helping YOU succeed as a freelance writer! To that end, we have implemented policies and procedures that allow us to efficiently and fairly handle all customer service issues. We strive for your satisfaction 100% of the time and welcome your feedback at [email protected].

Please note: We provide customer service 7 days a week and promise a response within 24 hours. If you haven't heard back from us, it's likely because your email provider is blocking our message. Please add "" to your "trusted senders" list. Thank you for your patience!


We will honor satisfaction guarantee requests submitted in a timely manner, as set forth below, under "General Procedures." We will not honor guarantee requests that do not conform to the simple requirements below. We honor all U.S. federal laws regarding refunds, as applicable. Where a refund is an option, we reserve the right to offer/process partial refunds.

For refundable products, we reserve the right to limit refunds to one refund per product per customer over the customer's lifetime. We may choose not process multiple refunds for the same product(s) purchased over the course of time. In other words, if a customer buys a product, receives a refund for it, subsequently purchases that same product again, and subsequently requests a refund for it, we are not obligated to honor that subsequent refund request. In these situations, refund eligibility will be determined by RN2writer on a case-by-case basis.

Please carefully read the full guarantee details for your product(s) below.

Installment Plans

No cancellations on payment plan purchases.

Installment payment plans are offered by RN2writer as a courtesy on some products to make our programs as affordable as possible to as many people as possible. The buyer agrees they are responsible for paying the full purchase price of the product by making all installment payments until the full price has been paid, subject to specific product terms below.


In all cases, if you desire to avail yourself of the guarantee on any RN2writer product, you must:

  1. Send your request by email to [email protected] 
  2. Include your name
  3. Include the email address used to make the purchase
  4. Specify how the product(s) failed to meet your needs or expectations


Ebooks, Video Tutorials, Digital Downloads, and Product Bundles

We offer a 7-day money back guarantee on these products. This includes all versions of Design Your Dream Career as a Nurse Writer ebook and audiobook, the video "How I Make $400 an Hour as a Nurse Writer," the ebook "How to Pitch Health Stories to Editors: Your Ultimate Guide," and all other products individually priced below $100, whether sold individually or in a product bundle. Refund requests on these products that are received within seven (7) days of purchase AND conform to the information under the heading "General Procedures" will be honored.

Nurse-to-Writer Bridge Program

We offer a 7-day refund/cancellation guarantee on this product, provided you submit a timely request that conforms to the information under the heading "General Procedures." We also offer this satisfaction guarantee: If you complete at least 75% of the course and have not obtained a writing sample by the eighth (8th) week of your instructional cycle, we will extend your coaching by 8 weeks at no cost. Plus, you retain access to all the course materials and recordings of the coaching sessions included in your package. You must submit your request for a coaching extension within 48 hours of the final coaching session of your package.

Get Paid (Well!) to Write Program

We offer a money back guarantee on this product, subject to the following terms: If you submit a refund request within 72 hours of purchase that also conforms to the information under the heading "General Procedures," we will refund your money. As with any educational program, your success hinges on your own commitment to working through the course, attending the coaching sessions, synthesizing information, and applying this new information to your writing business. Because we cannot control whether or not you work through the course, attend the coaching sessions, complete the assignments, or otherwise put the required effort into achieving success as a writer, we cannot provide a money back guarantee on this program beyond the terms outlined above.

Freelance Freedom Membership

No refunds offered because you receive a full, 30-day membership trial by making a $3 donation to Nurses House.

If, after the trial period, you decide the membership is not for you, then you may submit a cancellation request at least 24 hours in advance of your renewal date in writing to [email protected], and we will terminate your membership on its renewal date. No refunds or pro-rata refunds will be given.

Note that cancelling your membership subscription results in loss of access to all of the products and features included in the membership at the time of cancellation or subsequently added in the future, including but not limited to:

  • Live coaching sessions
  • Coaching session recordings and transcripts
  • Freelance Freedom mini-courses and tutorials
  • Private "Six-Figure Freelancers" community 

Livestream Events

No refunds.

LAST UPDATED: February, 2024.

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