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Can You Really Make $27,000 a Month as a Writer? freelance writing money pay pricing salary workload

This article has been making the rounds on social media lately: How This Freelancer Made $27,000 in 1 Month.

And many successful freelancers like me have responded to the story with skepticism and a healthy dose of WTF. In my case, it’s not because I don’t believe it’s possible...

Why You Must Always Vet Your Sources citing copywriting freelance writing tips quotes sources vetting process

I must be big on “vetting,” because over the past year I’ve blogged about how to vet a publishing opportunity and how to vet writing courses and programs. I think this indicates I believe in healthy skepticism as a freelance writer – and that’s not a bad trait for...

3 Reasons Why You Should Build Community with Your Fellow Nurse Writers community freelance writing nurse writer scarcity thinking success society

Last week, we engaged in a great discussion about building community during the Office Hours coaching session of the Complete Guide to Content Marketing Writing course. Several nurse writers asked the group for their thoughts related to building websites and other issues – and this made my...

3 Copywriting Mistakes to Avoid on Your Freelance Website call to action copywriting cta lead generation website

Your website should serve as more than just a billboard on the information superhighway, yet many nurse writers make copywriting mistakes that fail at selling their services. Let’s discuss the top mistakes to avoid – so that your website can become a lead-generating machine.

1. All...

Know Your SOW: What it is, how to craft it – and how to enforce it business clients freelance writing scope of work sow

Over the course of my freelance career, I occasionally became embroiled in situations where the client did not want to adhere to the SOW we mutually agreed on in the contract, thereby making life miserable for all concerned.

What is a SOW, you ask? Great question.

SOW stands for “Scope of...

What Types of Writing Samples Should You Obtain? clip clips content marketing freelance writing tips nonprofit work samples writing samples

Kemley recently emailed me with a question that I think could benefit from a wider audience. In a nutshell, they said they had contacted a nonprofit to volunteer to write in exchange for getting work samples (which is a strategy I advise, so: Well done, Kemley!).

The nonprofit organization...

What is an LOI? clients email finding clients letter of introduction loi marketing

I chatter on all the time about “LOIs,” as if every nurse in the world knows exactly what it is. But, of course, that’s preposterous! So allow me today to do something I’ve been remiss about: explaining exactly what an LOI is and when to use it.

Meet the Letter of...

How Long Should Your LOI Subject Line Be? clients content marketing finding clients letter of introduction loi subject line

Recently I heard from a student in the Complete Guide to Content Marketing Writing for Nurses course who had sent more than 70 LOIs without a single response. Talk about disheartening!

She naturally wondered what was wrong with her LOI, but I, on the other hand, was wondering what might be wrong...

Why Health Journalism Makes a Great Entry Point for Nurse Writers freelance writing for nurses freelance writing tips getting published health journalism journalism

When I decided to go into courses and coaching (in support of my mission for nurses to own the healthcare communications space), the very first course I developed was called “Health Journalism Basics for Nurses.” Why? Because I think health reporting makes the most natural entry point...

Is It Worthwhile to Pay for Access to Writing Gigs? b2b clients finding clients loi marketing writing gigs yog's law

Getting started as a nurse writer can feel very confusing. Where do you begin to find “jobs”? Where should you search?

As you explore these questions, you likely will run across places that offer paid access to writing gigs. Is it worthwhile to invest in these subscriptions? Does it...

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