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Why Health Journalism Makes a Great Entry Point for Nurse Writers freelance writing for nurses freelance writing tips getting published health journalism journalism

When I decided to go into courses and coaching (in support of my mission for nurses to own the healthcare communications space), the very first course I developed was called “Health Journalism Basics for Nurses.” Why? Because I think health reporting makes the most natural entry point...

Is It Worthwhile to Pay for Access to Writing Gigs? b2b clients finding clients loi marketing writing gigs yog's law

Getting started as a nurse writer can feel very confusing. Where do you begin to find “jobs”? Where should you search?

As you explore these questions, you likely will run across places that offer paid access to writing gigs. Is it worthwhile to invest in these subscriptions? Does it...

What “Conducting Background Research” Means in Freelance Writing background research freelance writing nickel expert research topic


When the issue of performing “research” to write health articles or content assets arises with nurses exploring a writing career, many of them express reluctance because they recall the arduous academic research processes they had to employ to write their nursing school papers....

The Legalities and Liabilities of Being a Nurse Writer business business tips freelance writing legalities liabilities liability

For some reason, I’ve been fielding a lot of questions lately about the potential liabilities involved in being a nurse writer. One person emailed to say her husband questioned whether this career was “even legal,” which admittedly cracked me up.

These questions mainly derive...

Do You Need an Active License to Become a Nurse Writer? And Other Questions freelance writing for nurses healthcare license niche nurse-writer rn

Today, I’m answering all your most burning questions about what it means to become a nurse writer. Here we go!

1. Do you need an active license to become a freelancer?

No, you absolutely do not. Keep in mind that the vast majority of health writers have no clinical background whatsoever....

Welcome to the Revolution freelance writing for nurses health reporters healthcare journalism nurse-writer

When you first stumbled across RN2writer, did you think it was just a website with courses and coaching? Did you think the raison d’etre of the site was to sell information?

I wouldn’t blame you if you did. In fact, I think most people probably do.

To be honest, I blame myself for...

When Should You Pay Sources for Interviews? compensation freelance writing tips interview sme sources sourcing subject matter experts

People ask the BEST questions in the group coaching sessions! I just love the creative queries nurses come up with as they work at transitioning to freelance writing.

A couple of weeks ago, a nurse in the group for the Complete Guide to Content Marketing Writing for Nurses course asked,...

How to Vet a Publishing Opportunity business tips finding clients freelance writing basics freelance writing for nurses freelance writing tips scams self-employment vetting opportunities vetting process

Recently, one of my students wrote to me about an opportunity she had received by email from a prospective publishing outlet. Her question was simple: “Is this real?”

I felt the response I sent her could be useful to a wider audience, so I’m republishing parts of our...

There is No Such Thing as a “Blog Post Format” blog posts clients freelance writing basics freelance writing tips marketing nurse-writer projects writing tips writing types

We nurses like structure. We like procedures. We feel comfortable when someone gives us a framework that provides us with a series of steps to move through on the way to a desired outcome – such as starting an IV.

So it’s no surprise to me that a great many novice nurse-writers tell...

How Glamorous is Freelance Writing, Anyway? business tips freelance writing basics freelance writing for nurses freelance writing tips self-employment working for yourself

Sometimes I receive emails from nurses who sincerely want to buy in to the idea that freelance writing is an insanely glamorous career. For instance, one nurse who wrote to me recently said, “I am very interested in exploring this career, but I need to make sure it doesn’t mean...

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