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If you're a nurse looking for work-from-home nursing jobs or great side hustles for nurses, you're in the right place!

Here, you can learn a new way to use your skills to make more moneywork fewer hours, and get away from office politics forever - you're in the right place!

RN2writer coaching programs and courses help nurses of any age, with any level of clinical experience, transition to a freelance writing career using a proven risk-free system that requires almost no financial investment.

RN2writer is for you if:

...you feel burned out at the bedside and want to re-energize your career in a side business for nurses 

...you are sick of dealing with the bullying and backbiting and need a great nurse entrepreneur idea so you can work in peace at home

...you have become disabled from years of nursing and need to work from home while more than replacing your nursing income

...you don't want to invest a lot of money in one of those "RN business ideas" that never really pans out

...you desire the freedom to work from home and achieve better work/life balance

...you wish you could find a way to use your nursing skills and knowledge to help more people away from the bedside

...or you simply have always dreamed of being a professional writer


Awesome! You can get started today for just $5.90.

Buy my ebook, Design Your Dream Career as a Nurse Writer, to discover the two paths that make the best "entry points" for nurses who want to write - and three clear-cut steps to get started on a writing career TODAY!

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" Beth, I’m so glad I took your course! I learned so much that is relevant and applicable. I am working with an amazing editor and nurse-writer. Your course facilitated my transition to paid writing! And the introductions were the icing on the cake. I just can’t thank you enough!"

Yvonne Stolworthy

Stolworthy Solutions LLC

"It has been my dream and ultimate goal to combine my journalism and nursing degrees for a long time and Beth and the RN2Writer Ultimate: Health Journalism Basics for Nurses Workshop has made that dream a reality. I can't thank her enough for opening up the freelance health writer world for me. The workshop gave me action steps and a plan that I could put into place immediately and paved the way of exactly what I needed to do to be successful. I landed my first gig a week after completing the workshop. It was the best money I ever spent. I'm so excited to start this journey. Thank you Beth!"

Amy Isler

Isler Health Communications

“While working as a managing editor, Beth referred two nurses who had completed her program to me because she felt they fit my writer needs. She wasn’t wrong. From the first day, the two writers jumped in and did their best – and it was good. More than good. They completed the assignments and asked questions when they weren’t sure about something. Within weeks, one ended up taking on other duties, such as editing and supervising an intern. In addition to their skills and knowledge, the way they fit in – they made me look good to my own boss. I wouldn’t hesitate to invite any of Beth’s students to apply if I ever need to hire another nurse writer.”

Marijke Vroomen Durning, RN


“I just wanted to say thank you so much. I'm so grateful to have found you on LinkedIn! Your mentorship, advice, and content for nurse writers has really made a major change in the trajectory of my writing business (just 5 months in).

“I’ll have made back double my investment in your course within less than 2 months. That’s indicative of the value of your mentorship.

“I feel I’m making great progress in working towards my goal to live comfortably as a part-time content writer. Like I told everyone in the Office Hours group coaching session today, just listen to Beth! 🙂."

Mercedes Thomas, RN


“I'm in your RN2writer course and I wanted to share some good news with you. I was contacted by a high-profile magazine to join their online contributor team for assignments ranging from $350 to $500 each. Thank you for your leadership! I could not have done this without you!!"

Tamrah Harris, BSN RN CPT

Harris Health & Wellness Communications

“I'm loving the content writing course! Even though I have read EVERY blog/newsletter written by Elizabeth Hanes, there is even more information in the course! Just finished up 'How to Find Clients on LinkedIn' - seriously worth every penny just for this module! Thanks, Beth!"

Serenity Mirabito MSN, RN, OCN

SerenityNow Health Writer

“Enrolling in the RN2writer STAT coaching program has been a great business decision for me. I’ve learned so much about how to accelerate my business growth, and I’ve gained confidence in many aspects of running my business – particularly how to charge what I’m worth and how to negotiate for top rates.”

Sarah Jividen, RN



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