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Founded in 2014, RN2writer is the oldest, largest, and most trusted provider of freelance writing courses for nurses and other health professionals who want to be health writers

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Welcome to your stress-free, work-from-home dream career


Picture This:

You sip a second cup of coffee while calmly getting the kids off to school with no yelling. You put on yoga pants instead of scrubs and spend half an hour meditating before you amble into your quiet home office to respond to several emails from grateful clients raving about the writing projects you submitted the day before.

Your calendar shows you have two deadlines today: one health article for a magazine and one blog post for a health system. This afternoon, you’ll be free to take a nap, get a massage, or meet friends at the winery.

As a writing business owner, every day can look like this for you.

No more chaos

X  No more exhaustion

X  No more workplace bullying

Just tranquility, boundless energy, and a feeling of absolute satisfaction with your life and work.

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What is freelance health writing…exactly?

Let’s start by telling you what freelance writing is not:


X It is not academic writing

X It is not scientific journal writing

X It is not grant writing

It is not writing about your personal experiences as a nurse

X It is not textbook authoring

X It is not book publishing

X It is not sales copywriting

X It is no type of multilevel marketing or network marketing scheme (yuck!)

Freelance health writing IS about:


Owning your own writing business and working with healthcare companies that assign work to you on a per-project basis

Writing articles for magazines and websites like AARP the Magazine or Verywell Health

✔ Writing blog posts for healthcare corporations, like Cardinal Health

 Writing web pages for health system departments, such as breast health services

✔ Writing white papers for clients like Dignity Health and Modern Healthcare Custom Media


…and many, many more types of writing that companies will PAY YOU to do!

Owning your own health writing business means your clients (often major healthcare brands) assign writing projects to you. They tell you exactly what to write and how to write it.

And for that reason, ANY nurse or health professional with ANY educational background, ANY licensure, and ANY work experience can do this.

Yes, that includes YOU!

At RN2writer, we’re in the business of putting YOU in this lucrative business of freelance writing.

Freelance health writing is about writing anything an editor or client needs within the healthcare space. And for that reason, ANY nurse with ANY educational background, ANY licensure, and ANY work experience can do this.

Yes, that includes YOU!

At RN2writer, we’re in the business of putting YOU in this lucrative business of freelance writing.

RN2writer is for you if…

You feel burned out at the bedside and want to re-energize your career

You crave respect and admiration for your clinical knowledge and skills

 You believe you deserve better than what you get from your employer

 You’re ground down from the bullying and need a great-paying business that enables you to work with people who appreciate you

You can’t take the noise and chaos of clinical practice anymore and need a career that allows you to work in peace from your own home

You’re looking for the perfect nurse business or the ideal alternative nursing career - with training to help you succeed

You want to extend your reach as a nurse to help more people

You’re sick of constantly putting your job first and want to take back control of your life

Or you simply have always dreamed of being a professional writer

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You deserve to thrive as a nurse, to be respected as a true expert, to be paid what you’re worth.

Don’t wait another moment. Get the ebook now to learn the exact steps to take to start your health writing business today:


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We offer training in the best remote, work-from-home nursing job - freelance health writing. If you’re looking for the perfect side hustle for nurses or a full-time nurse business, you can rely on RN2writer to deliver educational courses, coaching, and community for nurses of all degrees, licensures, and backgrounds across the U.S., Canada, and beyond. We welcome all nurses: RN, LPN, NP, APRN, CRNA, FNP, CNM, etc. We also serve other healthcare clinicians and professionals: CNA, MD, PA, LCSW, PharmD, radiology tech, CEO, CNO, CMO, and anyone else with a background in healthcare. Welcome!
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