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How to Set Freelance Writing Rates: Factors to Consider (and Not)

If you frequent any freelance writing forum or community, you’ll notice thread after thread related to pricing.

“How should I price this?”

“How much should I charge for this?”

“What would you price this at?”

Over the course of nearly 20 years in this...

How Can I Get This Client to Pay What I’m Asking?


How do you counteroffer a client? I have a potential client who I’d really love to work with, and I see them as a potential anchor client. However, their proposal is a slap in the face.

They’re asking for a 12 700-word blog posts/month, weekly social media posts for two...

Countdown to 2021

This is it

This is all the client work I have left to do in 2020.

As I sit here, typing this on November 18, I feel myself creeping up on my annual winter break. This year, I should have everything wrapped up by December 11.

Then I will take the rest of the year off, not returning to the office...

The Biggest Website Mistakes I See Nurse Writers Make

I’ve had “value,” “pricing,” and “negotiation” on the brain this November, but for good reason: My goal with RN2Writer is to help you learn how to be successful in the business of freelance writing. Sure, I plan to also cover topics related to...

12 Things to Do in December to Jumpstart Your Writing Career in 2021

December can be a slow period. Or it can be intensely busy. I’ve experienced both scenarios in my 20+ year career as a freelance writer.

This year has been insanely busy for me. Not only have I written a record amount of client work, but I launched RN2writer as an educational hub for nurses...

The Ultimate Guide to Freelance Gift-Giving

‘Tis the season to be jolly, but is it also the season to give gifts to your editors and clients?

This question comes up every year around Thanksgiving on every forum I frequent and within every writing group I belong to. And opinions run strong on this subject. Some writers (myself...

Why Every Nurse-Writer Should Perform a SWOT Analysis

We nurses, we know acronyms. And abbreviations. And initialisms. For instance, I can boast having two of them following my name: BSN, RN.

Other abbreviations, acronyms, and initialisms we nurses use on a regular basis include:

  • STAT

  • PRN

  • NPO

  • ACLS

  • NP

You get the idea.


How to Manage Your Bandwidth to Serve Clients Efficiently

Several years ago, I began taking every Wednesday off work. I call it my “midweekend.” I do this partly for creative reasons; writing demands a ton of mental focus, and by Wednesday my brain is kind of fried and requires some recharging time.

But the main reason I starting taking...

From Nurse to Writer, From Anywhere in The World

So, you love the idea of being a nurse writer? But you don’t live in the United States? For those of us located outside of the USA, signing up for courses and guidance by US coaches and websites seems a bit pointless. We often can’t implement any of the steps because it just...

SEO Fundamentals Every Nurse-Writer Should Know

I was speaking with a prospective client the other day, and she expressed skepticism about working with a freelance writer.

“The only reason I’m really even talking with you is because of your blog post about ‘if your website is more than four years old, you might have a Google...

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