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RN2W: Know Your SOW: What It Is, How to Craft It, and How to Enforce It

Recently I’ve been embroiled in a situation with a soon-to-be-ex client that does not want to adhere to the SOW requirements we mutually agreed on in the contract, and I thought this would make an excellent topic for the newsletter.

What is a SOW, you ask? Great question.

SOW stands for...

My Bizarre Freelance Budgeting Method – and Why It Gives Me Peace-of-Mind

Many of the questions I field from aspiring (and even established) nurse-writers revolve around the question of money: how to figure out what to pay yourself, how to manage your business budget, and so on. 

And, truthfully, I sometimes feel I’m not the best qualified person to...

How Any Nurse Can Get Started as a Freelance Writer: Your 3-Step Plan

The most common question I get from nurses on social media and by email is: How can I get started as a freelance writer?

Here’s a three-step plan to get you moving down the freelance path.

Step One: Learn All You Can About the Freelance Writing Industry

That’s right: Freelance...

Quick Cheat Sheet for Evaluating Prospective Clients

Just a quick hit based on an experience I’m currently going through, wherein I am re-re-learning how to avoid PITA clients. Previously, I briefly touched on what makes a great client, and today I’m sharing a brief cheat sheet of red flags that should make you pause and seriously...

What is Your Value Proposition as a Nurse-Writer?

Today I want to cover a concept that’s essential to your success as a freelance writer, but it’s a concept you may not be familiar with. It’s called the ‘value proposition,’ and if you can nail this, then you can build a very successful business, indeed.

What is a...

Indemnification Clauses 101

Quick, name the one business-related thing that can render you bankrupt in an instant without any wrongdoing on your part.

If you said “indemnification,” ding-ding-ding. You get a cookie.

What is Indemnification?

To indemnify someone or something else means to provide legal and...

How to Create Buyer Personas to Target Your Marketing

Just today I briefly chatted by email with a new nurse entrepreneur who is building a business website and needs content, especially for the home page. In the course of chatting, she alluded to her target audience, which she characterized in terms of a broad group of people. Not to disparage this...

Why You Need a Business Budget – and How to Create One

When I guested on the Divine Downloads podcast, host Lisbeth Overton expressed some skepticism over my contention that every writer should set up a business bank account that is separate from their personal account. Surely freelance writing is a business you can launch with zero...

How to Set Freelance Writing Rates: Factors to Consider (and Not)

If you frequent any freelance writing forum or community, you’ll notice thread after thread related to pricing.

“How should I price this?”

“How much should I charge for this?”

“What would you price this at?”

Over the course of nearly 20 years in this...

How Can I Get This Client to Pay What I’m Asking?


How do you counteroffer a client? I have a potential client who I’d really love to work with, and I see them as a potential anchor client. However, their proposal is a slap in the face.

They’re asking for a 12 700-word blog posts/month, weekly social media posts for two...

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