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Do You Need an Active License to Become a Nurse Writer? And Other Questions freelance writing for nurses healthcare license niche nurse-writer rn

Today, I’m answering all your most burning questions about what it means to become a nurse writer. Here we go!

1. Do you need an active license to become a freelancer?

No, you absolutely do not. Keep in mind that the vast majority of health writers have no clinical background whatsoever....

Welcome to the Revolution freelance writing for nurses health reporters healthcare journalism nurse-writer

When you first stumbled across RN2writer, did you think it was just a website with courses and coaching? Did you think the raison d’etre of the site was to sell information?

I wouldn’t blame you if you did. In fact, I think most people probably do.

To be honest, I blame myself for...

There is No Such Thing as a “Blog Post Format” blog posts clients freelance writing basics freelance writing tips marketing nurse-writer projects writing tips writing types

We nurses like structure. We like procedures. We feel comfortable when someone gives us a framework that provides us with a series of steps to move through on the way to a desired outcome – such as starting an IV.

So it’s no surprise to me that a great many novice nurse-writers tell...

Prospecting Tip: Look for the Head of the Octopus clients content marketing finding clients freelance writing basics freelance writing for nurses freelance writing tips marketing nurse-writer prospecting

Last week, a student in the Complete Guide to Content Marketing Writing for Nurses course sent me an excellent question that I felt deserved a wider audience, so I wanted to share her question and my answer with you.

This student was struggling with one of the most fundamental aspects of...

2 Key Ways Being a Nurse Benefits Your Freelance Career content marketing writers freelance writing for nurses freelance writing tips health reporters nurse-writer side hustle writers

Recently, J emailed me to ask a question I get frequently from nurses who are curious about becoming a freelance writer. They said…

“I’m currently in nursing school and am wanting to do nurse writing on the side as I work as a bedside nurse. I’ve been a great writer in...

Why You Need to Start Tracking Your Time Immediately clients effective hourly rate ehr freelance writing basics freelance writing for nurses nurse-writer time tracking writing

Recently I enjoyed chatting with a coaching client – a mid-career nurse-writer who’s looking to level-up her business and reach the six-figure realm.

Since this was our first meeting, I ran through a series of questions I like to ask every client to get a baseline reading of where...

What Tech Skills Does a Nurse Need to Become a Writer? freelance writing basics freelance writing for nurses freelance writing tips nurse-writer technology technology skills

Many of you have joined the RN2writer family because you saw an ad I run on Facebook. That ad directs people to buy a little ebook I wrote to unveil the world of freelance writing to other nurses – because my mission is to help nurses “own” the healthcare communications space....

Student Q&A: The Art of Slanting an Article Pitch clients freelance writing basics freelance writing for nurses freelance writing tips healthcare loi nurse-writer pitching publications writing writing samples

Recently, this message floated into my inbox:

Hi! My name is Alicia, I've been a Women's Health Nurse (among many other departments!) for 13ish years. I have the Ultimate [Health Journalism Basics for Nurses] course and the 50 Markets download (great info btw) but I noticed there wasn't a lot of...

Why There Will Never Be a Glut of Nurse-Writers freelance writing basics freelance writing for nurses healthcare nurse-writer publications research writing

Recently, a Facebook commenter asked me: If everybody hops on the RN2writer bandwagon, won’t this just result in a glut of nurse-writers, with work for nobody?

The answer? No, absolutely not.

And the reason why not can be summed up in a single word: Volume.

Take a moment right now to...

How to Get Your First Writing Samples – a Step-by-Step Tutorial for Nurses clients freelance writing basics freelance writing for nurses loi nurse-writer volunteering writing writing samples

I’ve often said that the biggest catch-22 nurses encounter when trying to launch a writing career is how to get work samples when nobody will hire you without work samples.


Well, there’s an easy way around this problem. I’ve talked about this before, but I don’t...

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