Private Coaching

Design Your Dream Career as a Nurse-Writer Private Coaching


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Let's do this. Let's design your dream career as a writer.

Can you imagine what it will feel like to have editors and clients calling you up on a regular basis to assign work to you? How will your life feel different if - instead of yet again picking up an extra night shift to make a few lousy extra bucks - you are regularly making $2,000 or $5,000 a month from your writing?

How will your spouse, parents, friends, and other people look at you differently?

How will it feel to say with pride, "I'm a nurse, but I make my living as a writer"?

We can get you there. Together.

This 12-week individual coaching program gives us seven one-on-one sessions to get you clear on your freelance goals, identify the obstacles holding you back from quick success, and create a care plan for your career that you can use now - and forever - to achieve sustained success as a freelance writer!

How does that sound?

By the time you finish, you will...

    • Feel confident in your marketing, business and writing skills
    • Know exactly what steps to take - today and in the future - to build a sustainable writing career
    • Begin creating a career that brings you joy and satisfaction
    • Achieve clarity about your writing and business goals
    • Feel fearless about moving forward as a freelance writer

Here's all the things you get with the 12-week Design Your Dream Career coaching package:

    • Welcome email with instructions for joining the Zoom calls and accessing all of the content
    • Beautifully designed welcome kit that includes an extensive questionnaire with deliberately provocative questions designed to assess where we should focus your mindset coaching
    • 60-minute kickstart session to get clear on your goals and create a custom approach to your journey
    • Six biweekly 45-minute private coaching sessions via Zoom
    • Implementation weeks in between coaching sessions for you put what you’ve learned into action
    • BONUS: Unlimited access to me via email throughout the 12 weeks!
    • BONUS: Health Journalism Basics for Nurses course included - a $997 value!
    • BONUS: Complete Guide to Content Marketing Writing for Nurses course included - a $1995 value!
    • BONUS: 30-minute recorded webinar "Set Up Your Business Part 1" included!
    • BONUS: 30-minute recorded webinar "Set Up Your Business Part 2" included!
    • PLUS: Random goodies delivered occasionally to your inbox or front porch - because I love surprising my clients with fun and useful stuff!

This structured coaching program is customized to...

clarify your goals,
meet your needs, and
your own, unique dream writing career.

As a certified life coach, I'll use my Jedi mind tricks to help keep your mindset focused and positive. I'll freely share with you all my freelance writing knowledge and answer any questions you have. Nothing will be off-limits or held back.

Not For Everyone

Please understand: This coaching program is not for everyone. Because of physical issues with my voice, I only can talk to (coach) a very limited number of mentees per week. So, I reserve these spots in my private coaching program for nurses who are:

  • Deeply committed to finding success as a  freelance writer
  • Wanting to earn a living (or at least a good side income) from writing
  • Not pursuing writing as a purely creative outlet, with a goal to write a memoir, novel, poetry, or personal essays
  • Dedicated to investing the time, effort, and financial resources required to set themselves up for success
  • Sufficiently tech-savvy to use the most common tools of the freelance trade (Microsoft Word, calendar invites, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.)
  • Prepared to learn marketing (and even ~gasp~ a few simple sales techniques) to propel their career forward
  • Ready to make one of the boldest leaps of their life in order to find joy and satisfaction in helping others through a new career pathway

If you're serious about designing your dream career as a writer who actually makes a living doing this, then I want to work with YOU! Together, let's fast-track your path to success!

Fill out the screening application below, and if it looks like we might be a good fit to work together, then we'll hop on an exploratory call.