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12 Things to Do in December to Jumpstart Your Writing Career in 2022 2022 freelance writing for nurses marketing planning

December can be a slow period. Or it can be intensely busy. I’ve experienced both scenarios in my 20+ year career as a freelance writer.

This year has been insanely busy for me. Not only have I written a record amount of client work, but I launched RN2writer as an educational hub for nurses...

What is an LOI? clients email finding clients letter of introduction loi marketing

I chatter on all the time about “LOIs,” as if every nurse in the world knows exactly what it is. But, of course, that’s preposterous! So allow me today to do something I’ve been remiss about: explaining exactly what an LOI is and when to use it.

Meet the Letter of...

Is It Worthwhile to Pay for Access to Writing Gigs? b2b clients finding clients loi marketing writing gigs yog's law

Getting started as a nurse writer can feel very confusing. Where do you begin to find “jobs”? Where should you search?

As you explore these questions, you likely will run across places that offer paid access to writing gigs. Is it worthwhile to invest in these subscriptions? Does it...

There is No Such Thing as a “Blog Post Format” blog posts clients freelance writing basics freelance writing tips marketing nurse-writer projects writing tips writing types

We nurses like structure. We like procedures. We feel comfortable when someone gives us a framework that provides us with a series of steps to move through on the way to a desired outcome – such as starting an IV.

So it’s no surprise to me that a great many novice nurse-writers tell...

Prospecting Tip: Look for the Head of the Octopus clients content marketing finding clients freelance writing basics freelance writing for nurses freelance writing tips marketing nurse-writer prospecting

Last week, a student in the Complete Guide to Content Marketing Writing for Nurses course sent me an excellent question that I felt deserved a wider audience, so I wanted to share her question and my answer with you.

This student was struggling with one of the most fundamental aspects of...

What is B2B Content Marketing? b2b b2c clients content marketing finding clients freelance writing basics freelance writing for nurses freelance writing tips marketing

Over in the “office hours” (group coaching) component of the Complete Guide to Content Marketing Writing course, we were discussing how to target clients based on our clinical niches. It was an awesome conversation, by the way, and I think everyone gained a lot from it!

When most...


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