Your behind-the-scenes look at a few of the many (many!) success stories of RN2writer Members

rn2writer reviews rn2writer case studies is rn2writer a scam
rn2writer reviews rn2writer case studies is rn2writer a scam
rn2writer reviews rn2writer case studies is rn2writer a scam
From dialysis nurse to published writer

When Dawn first found RN2writer, she felt squeezed out of her children’s lives because of her work...

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From struggling freelancer to savvy earner

Although Sarah was already making money as a health writer, figuring out freelancing on-the-fly was causing her a lot of stress...

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From overworked to profiting from her passion

Just two short months after starting an RN2writer course, Maggie’s business took off...

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rn2writer reviews rn2writer case studies is rn2writer a scam
rn2writer reviews rn2writer case studies is rn2writer a scam
One writing gig paid for all her RN2writer courses

After 16 years of nursing in high-acuity intensive care and other clinical areas, Rebecca Myers was thinking, “Now what?”

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From zero to $9,000 a month as a writer

Elizabeth Morrill was between nursing jobs when the pandemic hit, so she decided to stay home and focus on her other passion...

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Dawn Sheldon RN



When Dawn first reached out to RN2writer, she felt squeezed out of her children’s lives because of her work.

When asked why she wanted to leave clinical nursing, she said, “Because of the time commitment expectation, without regard to your life outside work. No support from upper management, but constant increasing expectations in the same time frame and no increased compensation.” Her exasperation with nursing was clear.

Plus, Dawn always wanted to be a writer. “I started nursing saying I wanted to use it to write. I have always wanted to write, but I had no clue how that might work - or if it could work, at all,” she said. “When I saw RN2writer’s offer for a $5 book, I thought, well heck, why not? And then I was hooked!”

Still, investing in coaching or courses to learn an entirely new career can feel daunting. Dawn was no different.

While she was still working TWO nursing jobs and caring for her sons, Dawn worked her way through the modules of our two foundational courses and attended every coaching session to learn the fundamentals of freelancing.

Then the exciting news came in two words: 

“I’m published.”

Dawn’s first published article for Verywell Health debuted on May 19, 2022. And not only was this her first byline, but her first PAYCHECK as a writer, too! Her next success as a writer was a personal one.

"With my first contract and published article, I was able to shut up my nay-saying family members,” Dawn laughed. “Writing wasn't ‘a hoax,’ it wasn't ‘a get rich quick scheme,’ - it couldn't be if I had an actual contract with a legitimate company. No, I made this happen. It was fun to just sit back and enjoy watching them all finish their meal of crow.”

Today, Dawn is slaying it on social media and building her writing empire - something she always wanted to do.

“With all the guidance I received from the many offerings at RN2Writer, I have started my own LLC, launched my own website, cultivated a network on LinkedIn, have successfully marketed myself as a freelance writer and secured a contract from my own Letter of Introduction. Yep, I did that!” Dawn said.

“This has been a great start to an awesome ride. I'm super excited to see how high I can go! Thanks to Elizabeth Hanes and RN2Writer I know the sky is the limit.”

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Sarah Jividen



When Sarah joined the RN2writer family in 2021, she had already been working as a freelance health writer for two years. And although she was making money, figuring out freelancing on-the-fly was causing her a lot of stress.

“I didn’t personally know any freelance health writers,” Sarah said, “and I definitely didn’t know any nurses who were freelance writers.”

That meant she had no one to help her figure out the questions that arose in her mind on a weekly basis:

  • Is this client mad at me? I haven’t heard back from them for days.
  • How much should I be charging?
  • Should I be asking for more money for this project?
  • Is there a way to maximize my business beyond what I’m already doing?

Then she found RN2writer and everything changed.

At last, Sarah had not only the guidance from a seasoned expert (and nurse!) but also support from a peer group of nurses who likewise were pursuing health writing as a career. Finally, Sarah’s questions had answers!

“Since joining RN2writer, I’ve raised my prices, taken on new clients, played around with writing proposals for high-ticket projects, and secured some new anchor clients,” Sarah reports. “My number one goal was to make a full-time living as a writer, and now I’m definitely on my way there. I highly recommend RN2writer programs!”

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Magdalena "Maggie" Aime, BSN, RN



Maggie Aime’s healthcare career spans 20 years and includes stints in administration, nursing, and even owning a medical transcription business.

Sadly, after Maggie’s husband died in 2016, she felt lost in grief and unable to juggle both a business and a full-time nursing job, so she closed her business. But Maggie never lost the fire for entrepreneurship - and RN2writer helped ignite it in her again.

“Somehow – God? – I came across RN2writer, researched, and fell in love with the whole freelance writing for nurses concept and decided to invest the $5 to purchase your e-book,” Maggie said. 

But after buying the ebook, Maggie didn’t even crack it open for five long months! When she finally did read it, her spirit lit up with possibility.

“After reading it in one sitting, I felt the dormant fire in me to write has just been jump started, and I thought why not combine two things that I love – writing and nursing – to create a profitable business? I immediately signed up for the Complete Guide to Content Marketing Writing for Nurses course,” Maggie told us.

Maggie took full advantage of the many opportunities RN2writer membership offers - from live coaching sessions to monthly video trainings to private community forums - to get questions answered, receive teaching on freelance concepts, and network with other nurse writers. And her efforts paid great dividends.

Just two short months after starting an RN2writer course, Maggie’s business took off.

She has had three articles published so far and is well on the way toward creating a sustainable business for herself.

“I couldn’t be more grateful to have found Beth, her wealth of knowledge and inspiration that she so generously shares, and an incredible community of nurse writers who are supportive, encouraging, and kind,” Maggie shared.

“Overall, Beth’s clear, precise, no-nonsense way of dissecting the concept of freelance writing for novices like us, many of us – me included – who did not have a clue about the industry’s existence has been essential to my success so far. My #1 benefit is having access to Beth in the private communities and during the coaching sessions, graciously answering questions, teaching, sharing, and walking us all through the process. To me, it feels like Beth is PATIENTLY holding my hand to get me as far as I want to be… although I must admit, I’m not sure I’ll ever want to cut the umbilical cord from RN2writer even WHEN I’m a successful freelance writer! This membership, to me, is invaluable and well worth the investment.”

“RN2writer has been such a blessing,” Maggie added. “I can’t thank you enough for showing me and other nurses this career path that most people don’t even know exists.”

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Rebecca Myers MSN RN



After 16 years of nursing in high-acuity intensive care and other clinical areas, Rebecca Myers was thinking, “Now what?” She had obtained an MSN - which only proved to her she had zero interest managerial or administrative positions. So. What to do next?

Then, in March, 2021, a Facebook ad appeared in her feed: Become a nurse-writer.

“I saw the ad and thought WOW! That's interesting! Could I do that?” she said.

After reading the ebook, Rebecca went all-in on her desire to become a professional health writer, purchasing The Complete Guide to Content Marketing Writing for Nurses course for $1,200. She worked through the modules, attended the coaching sessions, set up her business, created a website, retooled her LinkedIn profile to reflect her emerging career as a freelance writer, and then…

Did absolutely nothing. For more than six months.

“In January of 2022,  I had a gastric sleeve surgery because I’d gotten to a point where I couldn’t lose any more weight and was starting to have a lot of problems,” Rebecca explained. “The surgery has been amazing! But with all the changes to my body and everything I paused working my business.”

What happened next reveals exactly how easy it can be to land work as a nurse writer. Rebecca did it with virtually zero effort.

Out of the blue, in early June, 2022, Rebecca unexpectedly received a private message on LinkedIn. This prospective client had a potential writing gig for her.

That sudden contact by a prospect might throw some aspiring writers off, but it didn’t faze Rebecca.

“The practical steps you laid out for us in RN2writer made it easy to respond to this client,” Rebecca said. She knew the next thing to do was to set up a meeting with the prospect to discuss the scope of work. They had a Zoom call the very next day.

Rebecca landed the gig. Completed the assignment. Got rave reviews from the client.

Next, she sent an email to RN2writer:

“I got my first check today! I’m officially a professional writer. I know my next clients can’t be far behind.”

Rebecca generously attributes much of her success to RN2writer’s programs.

“Once I realized that Elizabeth really is ‘the nurse who knows content,’ I just followed her directions step-by-step,” Rebecca said. “Without RN2writer, I never would have started my LLC or set up my website so early in the process. This check for a few thousand dollars will more than pay for everything I’ve invested in RN2writer so far - plus what it cost me to set up my business.”

Now that she’s broken the ice on her writing career, Rebecca sees her future clearly.

“In a year, I see myself as having anchor clients and doing special assignments. AND becoming incrementally more successful as a nurse writer. I will be on my way to early retirement from the hospital and living at the beach where I make my living as a nurse writer,” she says. “I can’t thank you enough!”

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Elizabeth Morrill, BSN, RN



Elizabeth Morrill was between nursing jobs when the pandemic hit, so she decided to stay home and focus on her other passion: writing. She had dabbled in creating an affiliate blog a few years earlier but quickly learned that was a very slow path to financial success. 

When she discovered RN2writer and learned we offer a different, faster path to writing success, Elizabeth went all-in. As soon as she finished reading the ebook in December, 2021, she bought both the foundational courses: Passion, Profit, Prestige: How to Write Health Articles for Money and The Complete Guide to Content Marketing Writing for Nurses. 

“I spent most of December working through the courses, attending the coaching sessions, setting up my business, making a website, tweaking my resume, and creating a Letter of Introduction,” Elizabeth said. “Then, when January arrived I challenged myself to pitch three times a day, every single day.”

Using one of the strategies she’d learned from RN2writer, Elizabeth set up a spreadsheet to track every Letter of Introduction (LOI) and job application she sent so that she could quickly and easily identify which iterations of her LOIs got a response, which ones didn’t, and which ones she needed to follow up on. 

“I literally applied to any type of writing gig or job I could find,” Elizabeth said. “I considered all this pitching to be practice, so the stakes were very low because I knew with this kind of volume even if many of my LOIs didn’t hit, there were many other, improved versions in the pipeline.”

While she was pitching, she also spent January working on getting work samples - her “clips.” She knew no client would pay her to write if she couldn’t show that others had published her first.

“I published a piece on Allnurses.com, and then I wrote an investigative journalism piece using the reporting skills I’d learned in RN2writer’s course. I couldn’t find an outlet for that, so I ended up publishing it as an article on my Linked In,” Elizabeth said. “Eventually, I got three clips, and that’s all it took to land paying work.”

Elizabeth’s pitching frenzy paid huge dividends. “All it took was one month of hustling, and then I had not just leads but good leads.”

She started writing for clients in February, 2022, which brought in $675 in revenue. “I was thrilled by that!” she said.

But Elizabeth was only getting started.

“This month [June, 2022], I’m billing for $9,000,” Elizabeth recently told us, “and this is part-time. This is about thirty hours a week of freelancing.”

Clearly Elizabeth is a very fast learner who took RN2writer’s proven strategies and was able to implement them rapidly and with great success. Her results may not be typical, but they do illustrate how quickly a nurse can succeed as a writer when they put their mind to it.

Elizabeth has since taken additional RN2writer advice by crafting a vision of her “ideal client” and releasing current clients who don’t meet her criteria. She’s also working on raising her rates so she can work even fewer hours while making even more money from her writing. 

“I seriously cannot thank RN2writer enough!” Elizabeth said. “While the courses alone have been hugely helpful, Beth’s personal advice and support has meant everything. The Success Society community and email support have been incredibly helpful, and I truly feel like I've gotten more than my money's worth from that alone. Thank you!”

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