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Welcome to the Revolution

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When you first stumbled across RN2writer, did you think it was just a website with courses and coaching? Did you think the raison d’etre of the site was to sell information?

I wouldn’t blame you if you did. In fact, I think most people probably do.

To be honest, I blame myself for that misperception.

So today I want to explain to you what RN2writer is really all about. It’s nothing short of a revolution.

The RN2writer Mission

RN2writer started out in 2014 as a blog – a way of responding en masse to the dozens of nurses who emailed me every month asking how they, too, could become a freelance writer. But due to various life circumstances, I shuttered that blog in 2016.

In 2019, I was casting about for a passion project to offset some of the doldrums of professional freelancing. I needed something to light a creative spark, to give my life meaning beyond helping my clients achieve their marketing goals.

At the same time, a prospective client reached out to me. He had never heard of a nurse who was also a professional writer. He thought that combination of skills was genius. He said how much better healthcare content would be if only more nurses were writers.

I responded that, really, all healthcare communications should be written by nurses.

And the lightbulb went off.

I realized that this was a mission I could get behind. If I championed nurse-created content as the standard by which all healthcare content should be judged, I could potentially elevate the nursing profession, revolutionize healthcare communications, and leave behind a legacy I could be proud of.

There was one problem with this audacious vision, though: Where were all the nurse writers?

The Rebirth of RN2writer

In my own decades-long career, I had only encountered a few other nurse writers. Marijke Vroomen Durning. Jennifer L.W. Fink. Amelia Roberts. Carol Bush.

I didn’t think the four of us alone could probably achieve the mission I had in mind.

Oh, sure, I realized there were many other nurses out there writing for a living, especially in the scientific and medical writing community. But it felt like we were a pretty invisible group. And certainly on the journalism and content marketing side, our numbers appeared to be rather thin on the ground.

So…how did I hope to bring the RN2writer mission to fruition?

I decided to approach this question in exactly the same way I approached my freelance business: by creating a step-by-step blueprint to follow toward my goal.

When it came to accomplishing the RN2writer mission, the first obstacle clearly was a dearth of nurse writers. Thus, the first step in this blueprint would be to help more nurses become freelance writers.

And the course/coaching component of RN2writer was born.

This is the reason you first encounter educational programs on my website. It’s not because courses and coaching represent the be-all/end-all of this business. No, it’s because developing more nurse writers is the first step on the path to nurses dominating the healthcare communications industry. Plain and simple.

In truth, I have much grander plans in mind for RN2writer as time goes on. Developing nurse writers represents only Phase One.

So, you see, when you join RN2writer as a student…or a coaching client…or a member of the Success Society, you’re not just signing up to learn new skills. You’re joining a revolution. Together, we are going to make sure nurses “own” the healthcare communications space.

The demand for nurses who can write has never been higher, and I don’t foresee it abating in my lifetime. Let’s seize this moment to do something new for nursing: to claim a specialty that has never been defined for nurses.

Welcome to the RN2writer revolution. I’m glad you’re with us!


What say you? Shall we nurses take over the healthcare communications industry, or what?

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