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New Year, New Coaches, New Sessions, New Enrollment Advisor

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RN2writer is ringing in 2023 by welcoming four new coaches to the organization: Yvonne Stolworthy, Amy Isler, and Marijke Vroomen-Durning. Each coach is a Registered Nurse and experienced freelance writer who will now be sharing their insights and expertise with RN2writer members to expand and enhance the educational experience.

Yvonne and Amy will be coaching the Nurse-to-Writer Bridge Program, while Marijke will guide members in the Get Paid (Well!) to Write program.

In addition to adding coaches, RN2writer has added a Saturday coaching session to the Nurse-to-Writer Bridge Program. We feel that expanding the availability of coaching can only be a positive for our members, particularly those nurses who work a Monday through Friday schedule.

Previously our founder, Elizabeth Hanes, personally coached every session for every program - to the tune of 7 sessions a week. But the tremendous growth in our programs over 2022 made it unrealistic to continue down that path.

"I realized in late 2022 that I would not be able to keep pace, on my own, with our coaching demands," Beth explained, "and I was concerned about how large some of our coaching sessions were becoming. It's difficult to provide personalized attention in a meeting with perhaps 50 attendees, and we're committed to making sure each member receives as much personal attention as possible. So I made the decision to bring on additional coaches and am thrilled with the depth of knowledge and experience these nurses are bringing to benefit our members."

But don't worry; Beth isn't leaving coaching entirely. She'll still be popping into every session at least once a month to lend her expertise.

πŸ‘‰ Read more about Yvonne and Amy's qualifications

πŸ‘‰ Read more about Marijke's qualifications

Welcome, Tom Mount

In addition to welcoming four coaches, RN2writer also added Tom Mount to our organization as an enrollment advisor to help nurses (and other clinicians) determine whether or not the Get Paid (Well!) to Write program is a good fit for them. If you're not currently enrolled in that program, you can book a one-on-one call with Tom (and receive a program discount) by watching our free, on-demand webinar, The Six-Figure Secret.




RN2writer Expanding Significantly in 2023

Adding these wonderful people to our team represents only the first step in our anticipated expansion of RN2writer in 2023. Other initiatives to watch for include:

  • Vibrant new community architecture by the end of Q1
  • Community access extended to everyone who purchases an RN2writer product, even just the Design Your Dream Career as a Nurse Writer ebook
  • Retroactive access to the new community for everyone who previously purchased any products
  • New, advanced freelancing course-and-coaching program, Freelance Freedom: Scale Your Writing Business to Six Figures, launching by the end of Q2
  • Renewed focus on publishing more episodes of the RN2writer Show podcast to provide another free resource for aspiring nurse writers
  • Exclusive RN2writer merchandise - including shirts, totes, and more - so you can show the world you're a nurse who writes!

We hope you're as excited as we are by these developments and plans!

Remember, we're always just an email away. If you need help with your RN2writer account or simply want to offer feedback, please contact our Care Team at [email protected].

We look forward to watching your writing career soar in 2023!

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