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3 Types of Writing Nurses Can Excel at – and Where to Find Opportunities blog posts business tips freelance writing health journalism infographics white papers writing types

When you’re first starting out as a writer, the many possibilities available to you can lead to overwhelm. You might see opportunities for “white paper writers” or “health reporters” or “blog post writers.” Where should you start? Should you pursue only...

3 Ways to Find Sources for Your Articles experts freelance writing journalism networking sources

Recently, in the Success Society, Leona asked about interviewing. One thing she wanted to know was where to find sources – you know, real human beings to interview.

Leona suggested it would make a great segment for The RN2writer Show (and she’s right!). But I thought I’d start...

How to Write Your Author Bio anchor clients author bio freelance writing getting started

When you’re starting out as a nurse writer, you may feel writing your LOI is the most difficult thing you’ve done. Then, a client eventually says YES!, and you might feel that writing your first assignment is the most difficult thing you’ve done.

And then an anchor client hires...

Can You Really Make $27,000 a Month as a Writer? freelance writing money pay pricing salary workload

This article has been making the rounds on social media lately: How This Freelancer Made $27,000 in 1 Month.

And many successful freelancers like me have responded to the story with skepticism and a healthy dose of WTF. In my case, it’s not because I don’t believe it’s possible...

3 Reasons Why You Should Build Community with Your Fellow Nurse Writers community freelance writing nurse writer scarcity thinking success society

Last week, we engaged in a great discussion about building community during the Office Hours coaching session of the Complete Guide to Content Marketing Writing course. Several nurse writers asked the group for their thoughts related to building websites and other issues – and this made my...

Know Your SOW: What it is, how to craft it – and how to enforce it business clients freelance writing scope of work sow

Over the course of my freelance career, I occasionally became embroiled in situations where the client did not want to adhere to the SOW we mutually agreed on in the contract, thereby making life miserable for all concerned.

What is a SOW, you ask? Great question.

SOW stands for “Scope of...

What “Conducting Background Research” Means in Freelance Writing background research freelance writing nickel expert research topic


When the issue of performing “research” to write health articles or content assets arises with nurses exploring a writing career, many of them express reluctance because they recall the arduous academic research processes they had to employ to write their nursing school papers....

The Legalities and Liabilities of Being a Nurse Writer business business tips freelance writing legalities liabilities liability

For some reason, I’ve been fielding a lot of questions lately about the potential liabilities involved in being a nurse writer. One person emailed to say her husband questioned whether this career was “even legal,” which admittedly cracked me up.

These questions mainly derive...


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