You’ve launched your freelance health writing business and earned your first dollar - and maybe a LOT more!

Now it’s time to scale your business up to whatever height you desire.

But where can you find the ongoing expert mentorship and peer networking you need to learn how to effortlessly juggle multiple clients, add revenue streams, and get your lead generation onto autopilot - so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your career?

It’s all right here, in the Freelance Freedom membership.


Who is Eligible to Join Freelance Freedom?

Freelance Freedom is available to those who:

#1 Have completed any of these RN2writer courses: Get Paid (Well!) to Write; Passion, Profit, Prestige; Complete Guide to Content Marketing Writing for Nurses; Ultimate Health Journalism Basics for Nurses, OR

#2 Have an already-established health writing business

What Does Your Ideal Freelance Life Look Like?

Let’s take a brief stroll down memory lane. When you decided to pursue freelance writing, what did you envision your life ultimately looking like?


Taking a day off without begging for permission?

Seeing four-figure deposits rolling into your bank account regularly?

Spending an afternoon watching the kids run up and down a soccer field instead of running yourself up and down hospital halls all day?

Sipping coffee on a balcony in Barcelona while conducting a Zoom meeting with an appreciative client half a world away?

Finding fan mail in your inbox from grateful people who were helped by your articles?

Immersing yourself in the joy of family holidays without worrying about being called into work?

Jetting off on a spontaneous vacation?

Whatever “freedom” in freelancing means to YOU, we’re here to help you achieve it by leveling up your business to the place you want it to be.


Our membership provides you with ongoing mentorship and a whole lot more!

Join today, and you’ll receive:

Weekly 60-minute group coaching sessions with Beth to get your questions answered by one of the top experts in the field.

Valued at $1000/Month

Monthly 60-minute live teaching session with Beth and guest experts on important topics like how to use proposals to land five-figure contracts.

Valued at $500/Month

Monthly 60-minute group mindset management session with Beth to overcome imposter syndrome, get out of your own way, and unf**k your freelance once and for all!

Valued at $500/Month

Monthly 60-minute LIVE prospecting sessions -  let Beth help YOU find your next anchor client!

Valued at $500/Month

Nine standalone mini-courses to expand your income streams, take your writing skills to the next level, and ramp up your business FAST.

Valued at $9,000
Mini Courses included in your
Freelance Freedom Membership:

How to Write Good Content

Book Publishing Basics

Prepare to Scale

Become a Content Strategist

How to Systematize Your Research and Writing Processes

Copywriting Skills for Your Website

How to Interview SMEs

How to Use a Media Kit to Write Better Queries

Leverage the Power of Proposals to Land Five-Figure Gigs

Access to the Six-Figure Freelancers Club, our private community for Freelance Freedom members.

Value = Priceless!

That’s over $11,000 in value!

But we’re not charging you $11,000 to join.

We’re not even charging you $500!

You can get all of this for as low as $267 per month.

Choose the subscription plan that works for you:



• Billed Monthly •




• Billed Annually •




• Billed Every Six Months •


But Why Don’t We Sweeten the Deal?

How about if we offer you a 30-day trial of this awesome membership - while also supporting a worthy cause??

Secure your 30-day trial of the Freelance Freedom membership by making a $3 donation to Nurses House through our checkout! 

Nurses House is RN2writer’s official charity partner, and they’re the only national nonprofit organization that provides short-term financial assistance to nurses in need as a result of illness, injury, or disability. 


Your $3 donation gets you one month of access to everything we offer in the membership:


Weekly one-hour group coaching sessions

Monthly one-hour mindset coaching

Monthly one-hour teaching session

Nine mini-courses

Weekly curated jobs list

Six-Figure Freelancers Club private community

You've got nothing to lose - and a whole lot to gain!

Click the button below to start your trial membership:


One More Thing:

To thank you for your membership, when you enroll today we’ll send you a FREE RN2writer weekender bag valued at $35!

Safely tote your laptop anywhere you want to work - and proudly tell the world you’re a nurse AND a writer!


What are You Waiting For??

You’ve worked hard to get where you are as a nurse writer. Now it’s time to truly “design your dream career.” Let’s do this together.

Remember, you get all this:

Weekly coaching session to achieve your dream faster

Monthly teaching session to make yourself even more valuable to clients

Monthly mindset session to stop being your own worst enemy and start living the dream life you’ve always envisioned for yourself

NINE mini-courses to scale your business faster, grow your income streams, and even learn how to write better

Six-Figure Freelancers Club membership for camaraderie and mentoring

Weekly curated list of tips and leads to reduce your marketing time

AND support a worthy cause: Nurses House!

AND you get a RN2writer tote bag to look cool!

Sign up today!


Elizabeth Hanes BSN RN is the founder of RN2writer and a former six-figure freelancer.

During her 20+-year writing career, she made her living by working with major brands like Cardinal Health, Anthem, Aetna, Modern Healthcare Custom Media, Dignity Health, and WebMD - where she served as the company’s public health blogger during the 2020 COVID pandemic. Beth is an award-winning journalist and was the first (and possibly only) freelance health writer to speak at the prestigious Content Marketing World event. 

In addition to the BSN degree, Beth holds a BA in Creative Writing and is a certified life coach whose practice incorporates elements of cognitive behavioral therapy, codependency recovery, and Stoicism.

Beth is widely known as a master health writer and has appeared on numerous podcasts to share her expertise. She has privately coached dozens of nurses to freelance success, and now she is sharing her wealth of knowledge with even more writers through the Freelance Freedom membership. 


Here’s what you can expect from Beth’s coaching:

 Encouragement to take control of your business and shape it to deliver the lifestyle you imagine for yourself

 Tons of insider tips gleaned from her 20-year career - so you don’t need 20 years to achieve the same level of success

 Mindset techniques to blast through obstacles like imposter syndrome so you achieve your potential as a writer

 Help with goal setting to get you where you want to go FAST

 Practical instruction on topics like how to negotiate five-figure contracts so you can make a great living as a writer

"I took Beth's original private coaching program, and she does not hold anything back in terms of knowledge or insider tidbits that only an experienced, successful freelancer knows. I credit our coaching for enabling me to transition to freelance writing full-time."

Dawn Sheldon RN
Sheldon Health Writing

"I love that Beth not only teaches all the how-tos in setting up a freelance writing business, but more importantly she addresses the psychology and mindset that is critical to succeeding in your business. Beth and those at RN2writer truly care about you and your success. They help you dig deep and really understand motivation, prioritization and good business practices. Thanks Beth!"

Terry Ann Donner JD, RN, CCM, CSA
Freelance Health Writer & Journalist

"I'm writing this email a few days after my 50th article has been published. Out of the 50 published articles, 47 were paid! I owe a huge thank you to you, Beth, for graciously sharing your knowledge and guiding me on this fantastic journey. Without your help, I wouldn't have been able to achieve this level of success."

Maggie Aime RN
The Write RN

Now, it's YOUR turn:

become the next freelance success story!

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