Imagine picking up a copy of Real Simple magazine at the grocery store, riffling through the pages, and seeing your name…

 …"by Mary Doyle RN" - under a headline like "Why Sleep Hygiene Can Give You the Best Zzzzs of Your Life."

How would that make you feel??
Wouldn't you want to buy 20 copies to send to your friends?

Think of the admiration you'd receive from friends who almost can't believe you're really doing "this writing thing."
sounds like a dream come true!

Or maybe you envision yourself chatting on a Zoom call with a researcher about the latest breakthrough in cancer therapy so you can write a white paper for your client - a major global healthcare brand -  to distribute to CNOs, CEOs, and other big muckety-mucks.

Your name won’t be on that white paper, but it will be on the check you receive - in the amount of $2,000. For a few hours’ work.

And then imagine receiving an email from that same client, praising your work and telling you how delighted they are to be working with a nurse to write this white paper - because you totally “get” healthcare, and they’re so grateful to have you on their team.

By the way, they ask, could you take on another assignment?

Welcome to your life as a health writer.


I can tell you it IS amazing - because I've lived it myself. And in this coaching program with on-demand courses, I teach you the exact skills I used to achieve success, first as a health reporter and then as a content marketing writer.


work from home as a nurse work from home nursing jobs rn2writer

The Get Paid (Well!) To Write program is the perfect entry point for any clinician or healthcare worker who wants to supplement their income as a freelance health writer. Or, take the skills and strategies you’ll learn and use them to build a sustainable full-time business.


From overworked dialysis nurse to profitable business owner

"With RN2writer's help and the guidance and support of Elizabeth and the community she's created I've been able to start my own business and am creating content for clients!"
Dawn Sheldon

From 25 years of long, hard nursing to published writer

"If you are tired and burnt out but you still want to be a nurse and you still want to deliver amazing patient care, I highly recommend the RN2writer Program."
Serenity Mirabito

From skeptical to living her dream career

"I recommend RN2writer to anyone thinking of becoming a nurse writer. The course materials are in-depth, and you can go at your own pace. I've learned a ton, I've met goals - including publishing articles."
Diane Covel

From struggling freelancer to savvy earner

"I highly recommend this program - even for other nurse writers who might already have a business but are looking to become more professional, take on more clients, and up their overall game."
Sarah Jividen
i want results like these!

Here’s what you’re getting in this course and coaching program:

Personalized Learning


Choose from multiple 45-minute coaching sessions each week conducted by nurse writers with a proven track record of success. Attend any or all of them - depending on how much support you want!

Starting a writing business involves a lot of confusion: What do I do next? Eek! I feel frozen! Do I send an LOI, a query letter - or something else?? During your live coaching sessions, get personalized answers and reassurance - so you feel confident in every interaction with editors and clients.

+ Video recordings of every session you can keep for life to watch over and over 
+ Transcript of every session to print out, mark up, and refer to whenever you need to jog your memory

Value = $9600

Get Paid (Well!) to Write


Develop foundational skills as a healthcare content writer and health reporter   so you can write anything any client ever asks you to. Learning both content writing and health reporting holds the key to high earnings as a nurse writer, and our course covers everything you need to know in over 100 lessons!

Learn how to tap into the lucrative world of content writing to create sustainable monthly income.

The secret to making a living as a writer is to cultivate anchor clients: the ones who give you multiple assignments every month with zero effort on your part. In this part of the course, you’ll learn exactly how to find anchor clients, how to write and format content that wows them, and get the repeat assignments that generate a steady income stream.

Once you've mastered content writing, dive into health journalism because all editors and clients value writers with reporting skills. But you don’t need a full-blown journalism degree to call yourself a reporter. In this part of the course, you’ll learn how to report stories, interview experts, cite sources, and write articles that will have editors of the most prestigious publications blowing up your inbox with requests to hire you again and again and again.

+ Learn how to spend less time marketing while receiving more work from anchor clients using our proven system
+ Grow your writing business at a pace that suits your lifestyle needs, giving you more free time and more money
+ Use our simple, four-step process to see your name in print in your favorite glossy magazine - and become the envy of your friends

 Value = $7997

Plus your bonuses!


Complimentary lifetime subscription to the Success Society community forums to build a supportive network of nurse writers

Value = $99/Year


The "Mega-List of 50 Markets that Pay Nurse Writers" ebook so you don’t have to waste time finding editors who will buy your work

Value = $147


The “Discover the Secret Story Idea Generator Reporters Use to Create Unlimited Pitches” ebook (HINT: use this technique to get the scoop on breaking health news before anybody else!)

Value = $147


Two-part video training on how to set up your freelance business so you can get up and running in no time (and stay on the good side of the IRS!)

Value = $147


Business start-up checklist to make sure you don’t miss a crucial step in setting up and growing your new business

Value = $47


Marketing plan template so you can hit the ground running and land that first client FAST 😉👍

Value = $147


Sample style guide to download so you can see at a glance the type of editorial guidance clients typically provide 

Value = $97


Slide deck that walks you through EXACTLY how to construct an LOI for a nonprofit so you can get your first work samples right away! 

Value = $47


List of websites to help you find a nonprofit to volunteer for to get your first clips 

Value = $47


PDF versions of every module for you to print out, mark up, and retain forever! 

Value = Priceless!
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work from home as a nurse work from home nursing jobs rn2writer

Ready to launch your profitable career as a health writer?

The Get Paid (Well!) to Write Program includes absolutely everything you need to hit the ground running successfully as a freelance health writer:

 Complete training as a health reporter and content writer (so you feel confident working with editors and clients!)
16 weekly assignments that lead you step-by-step from total newbie without work samples to professional writer with paying clients!
Lifetime access to your own private community, where you can get questions answered, find support, and network with other nurse writers
 A list of paying markets (so you don’t waste time searching for editors)
 Step-by-step guidance on setting up a professional business (so clients know you’re no amateur)
10 bonus items designed to take the guesswork out of starting a freelance business so you get up and running immediately
 And 16 weeks of coaching sessions with expert health writers who have seen, done, and written it all during their careers!
Your 16-week instructional cycle begins the Sunday after you purchase the program. In other words, this is when your coaching sessions begin and your assignment due dates commence. You will be responsible for submitting one assignment per week for 16 consecutive weeks.
We will not defer or delay the start of your instructional cycle for any reason. We recommend you make sure you have the time to commit to this program before enrolling. Remember: Even if you can't attend the live coaching sessions (which most of our students cannot), you will still receive a recording and transcript of every session, and you'll have your private community for support, as well!


Total Value = $18,423+

Your price = ONLY $2995

That's a whopping 84% OFF!

Book a Zoom call with our Enrollment Advisor, Tom, to learn more about this affordable way to launch your writing career and starting getting PAID to WRITE!



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Our Golden Lamp Guarantee

We will be putting everything we have into helping you land your first client by the end of the Get Paid (Well!) To Write program, and we happily guarantee your success - provided you make an equal investment of time and effort in the program. If you complete and turn in all 16 weekly assignments but have not yet made your first dollar from writing, then we will refund your money because we are 100% committed to helping you succeed at your goal of making money as a writer!

join today risk free!


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