Group Coaching

Special Offer: Complete Guide to Content Marketing Writing Course with Weekly Group Coaching

Looking for an affordable alternative to my private coaching program?

For a limited time, I'm making available a special edition of my Complete Guide to Content Marketing Writing course. This version of the course includes weekly "office hours" via Zoom - group coaching sessions where you can ask me questions, get my expert advice, and learn from others.

This special offer also includes a complimentary one-year membership in the Success Society community forums - where you can continue the conversation with other nurse-writers and forge lifelong friendships with successful writers like YOU!

Plus, you'll receive several other freebies - not to mention a discounted rate.

Wondering how to get all this??


Attend my free, one-hour webinar "The Complete Guide to Content Marketing Writing for Nurses." You'll learn...

  • What content marketing actually is
  • Why nurses are in such high demand as content writers
  • The 3 core content writing skills to master
  • How to get high-paying clients

Register now for this free webinar to get the group coaching, plus all the other bonuses - at a discounted price!