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History was launched as a blog in 2014 and published continuously for two years before going on hiatus in January 2016. The site was re-launched as a newsletter on September 6, 2019, with a robust educational website added on May 15, 2020. The site's founder, Elizabeth Hanes RN, is known professionally as "the nurse who knows content." Since 2011, she has operated Hanes Healthcare Communications.


RN2writer was founded on one simple belief: All healthcare content should be written by nurses. This includes health reporting, marketing content, public relations materials, and internal communications. But to accomplish this objective, we need more nurse-writers. Hence, our mission:

RN2writer aims to transform healthcare communications by making nurse-created content the industry standard for excellence. We achieve this by equipping nurses with the knowledge and skills to confidently launch and build a professional writing business and by partnering with healthcare industry leaders to provide opportunities for nurse-writers to grow their careers by contributing high-quality business and consumer content and reporting.


RN2writer is the most trusted brand among nurses and other clinicians seeking to become professional writers and is viewed by healthcare industry professionals as the best source of high-quality nurse-writers. Nurses trust us to provide a proven pathway to freelance writing success, and publishers and healthcare content marketers find the nurse-writers trained through RN2writer to be industry-leading high performers.

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    1. Nurses of all ages and experience levels
    2. Healthcare brands in need of high-performing content writers who understand the healthcare industry inside-out
    3. Publishers seeking high-caliber writers for accurate and trustworthy consumer health reporting

Our products and services

We offer a free subscription newsletter and sell digital downloads, online workshops, and coaching services.

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RN2writer is the only place where nurses can learn the business of freelance writing from a nurse who herself built a six-figure writing business in her spare time.

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