Why AI Will Never Replace Nurse Writers

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Lately, we’ve been fielding a lot of questions in our coaching sessions regarding Artificial Intelligence (AI)- based writing apps like ChatGPT.

“Should I even bother pursuing freelance writing?” some nurses wonder. “Isn’t AI going to take all the jobs away?”

Let me tell you why AI is never going to replace nurses – or human beings, in general – in the health writing sphere.

AI is good at grammar. AI can string together sentences in meaningful ways. AI can parse thousands of research studies very quickly and spit statistics and findings into those sentences and paragraphs.

But AI has never sat in an exam room with a patient and held her while she sobbed because she’d made the decision at age 21 to undergo a prophylactic double mastectomy due to her genetics.

AI has never known the joy of placing a minutes-old, swaddled infant into the arms of their weeping mother, whose long infertility journey ended in the best possible way.

AI has never negotiated the intricacies of health system politics to shepherd a new, patient-friendly policy through to implementation.

AI can never paint these pictures with the insight and emotion of a nurse because AI – by definition – has no truly human attributes.

And these human insights and emotions are what we sell to clients, not our writing expertise.

I think this is the part that trips up novice and aspiring nurse writers: We do not market our writing so much as we market our insider knowledge of health and healthcare. That’s what clients want from us. That’s what clients will pay a premium price for.

Let’s face it: Almost anyone can be a health writer. You don’t have to be a clinician or have any healthcare experience whatsoever to hang a shingle as a health writer. I suspect that the vast majority of health writers plying their trade today have zero healthcare background. Instead, their background likely lies in journalism or marketing or PR or communications.

What sets nurses and other clinicians apart (what we call our “unique sales proposition,” “value proposition,” or “marketing differentiator”) is the fact that we nurses not only can write, but we also have that healthcare background. In fact, nobody knows healthcare like we do!

Clients value health writers who deeply and personally understand…

  • Patient pain points related to health conditions
  • Patient pain points related to receiving healthcare
  • How social determinants affect various patient populations
  • How healthcare systems really operate on the inside
  • Who the real decision-makers are inside healthcare entities
  • The difference between what a paper policy says and how it’s implemented in real life
  • The difference between public-facing statements by healthcare corporations and how they actually operate on the inside

…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Why do clients value this type of knowledge in a health writer? Simple. Because it helps them:

  • Position themselves as a healthcare brand that truly understands patient needs and concerns
  • Target their marketing messages to the right people inside healthcare
  • Obtain a competitive advantage in the marketplace by demonstrating they know insider details about how healthcare organizations really operate

Does anyone really think AI can ever possess this type of insight?? Nope. Because you have to be a human being to experience life as a nurse.

And that is why AI will never take jobs away from nurse writers. Great health writing involves far more than understanding grammar and statistics. It requires heart and human experience, as well.


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