Why Your Website is Important as a Freelance Writer, with Vincent Wondra

About Vincent Wondra: Vincent has been working with web technologies since 1996. Over the years, he has worked for a variety of consulting companies, spent a few years with IBM, and has served as CTO (Chief Technical Officer) for several internet companies.

Vincent founded The BBS Agency in 2013. He has worked with numerous businesses, built thousands of websites, and has played a vital role in their growth story.

Host Elizabeth Hanes BSN RN built a six-figure writing business in her spare time. Today, she coaches other nurses how to become freelance writers through the RN2writer project.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  1. 1:55 When starting out, is a website essential?
  2. 7:25 Are DIY websites worth your time?
  3. 12:40 Updating your website
  4. 16:00 Why your business goals matter when building your website
  5. 26:32 Website costs
  6. 31:00 Why your website host is important

Resources mentioned in this episode:

The BBS Agency: https://thebbsagency.com/

Prebuilt Sites: https://prebuiltsites.com/

RN2writer: https://www.rn2writer.com/

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