Why I Don’t Charge a Set Rate as a Freelance Writer

Could set rates be detrimental to your freelance business? Elizabeth goes over set rates, productization, and negotiation in this week’s episode of The RN2writer Show!

Host Elizabeth Hanes BSN RN built a six-figure writing business in her spare time. Today, she coaches other nurses how to become freelance writers through the RN2writer project.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  1. 1:30 What is “Productization”?
  2. 2:33 “Take it or leave it” situations
  3. 4:10 Every client wants something different
  4. 6:55 Clients who ask for bundle discounts
  5. 9:38 Leave room for negotiation
  6. 10:55 It’s YOUR business!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

RN2writer: https://www.rn2writer.com/

RN2writer STAT: Next-Level Coaching to Grow Your Business to Six Figures Faster:


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