[RN2W] The RN2writer Show Trailer

The RN2writer Show helps nurses and other clinicians learn how to become freelance writers. And, NO, you don't have to be an RN! LPNs, LVNs, NPs, APRNs - all nurses welcome! (And, to be honest, we welcome non-nurse clinicians, too, such as PAs, LCSWs, MDs - anyone with a healthcare background who wants to be a writer is welcome to join us.) Here's what you can expect in each weekly episode: • Interviews with successful nurse writers to inspire you and help you see the possibilities for this career path • Interviews with experts – editors and content directors – to demystify the writing industry and share their secrets for what makes someone their “go-to” freelance writer • 10-minute coaching sessions, where Beth sits down with a nurse writer via Zoom and blasts through any obstacle that’s impeding their progress • Tutorials that walk you through common freelance tasks • Occasional glimpses into La Vida Freelance – to illustrate the fabulous lifestyle a writing career can afford you Don't forget to subscribe!