We get it:

Not everybody wants group coaching.
It's that simple.

Maybe you prefer working one-on-one with someone who can address
your unique goals, questions, and challenges when it comes to launching or growing your freelance writing business.

That makes sense because… everybody’s different. And everybody’s business is different, too.

yep, i want one-to-one support

You, as an individual, have a distinctive personality and style that might not exactly fit the mold for group coaching.

Maybe you’re a little shy or reserved and find it uncomfortable to speak up in a group setting.

+ Maybe you thrive more with individualized support and mentoring.

+ Maybe you learn better by being shown something than by being told something.

+ Maybe you just want to ramp up FAST and don’t have time to listen to everyone else’s questions in the group.

If any of that sounds like you, we’re here to help.

Private coaching means partnering with a mentor, business partner, and confidante rolled into one.

As our clients constantly tell us, 1:1 coaching can transform your business (and your life!)

+ Boost your confidence higher than you imagined it could go!

+ Focus only on what’s relevant to your business (and cut the group “noise”)

+ Rapidly acquire skills to scale your business 10x faster than doing it alone

+ Navigate potential pitfalls with ease, thanks to the guidance of a seasoned veteran 

+ Get the reassurance you crave (you really are doing everything right!)

work 1:1 with rn2writer coaches

How RN2writer Private Coaching Works:

Everyone, at all levels, is welcome in our private coaching program.

Whether you’re a beginner who hasn’t even gotten started yet, or you are making money but would like to move your writing business to the next level, we would love to work with you!

That said, please understand that private coaching slots are limited. That’s why we have an application process.

Start by submitting this application form. We accept applications year-round.

submit your application here

What to expect:

Within a week or so after submitting the form, you will hear from a member of our Admissions Team to set up an interview to learn more about you as a person and to hear about your writing career goals, what you’ve done so far, obstacles, etc.

After the interview, the Admissions Team and coaches will meet to discuss the application.

If your application is selected, the Admissions Team will contact you to offer you a slot!


What the Coaching Looks Like Once You're In:

Once you’re accepted to the program, things get very exciting! Here’s what you can expect:

Welcome packet to fill out and return to your coach to help you both focus on a single objective for the 12-week program

60-minute kickoff call to get to know each other and set your priorities for the coaching

11 weekly 45-minute coaching calls

Priority email support from the RN2writer team

Access to your coach outside the coaching sessions

Client interface that allows you to share agenda items, notes, and resources - like a query letter you want feedback on!

 Recording and transcript of every coaching session for you to refer to as often as you’d like - all inside your private coaching library

Your coach will bring all resources to bear for your benefit.

From mentoring to practical skills, you can rely on your coach to deliver exactly what you need exactly when you need it!

Plus . . .

You don’t need to wait for the coaching session to access your coach. During the kickoff call, your coach will let you know the best way(s) to interact with them to get answers and advice for any urgent situations that arise between sessions.

apply for coaching

Picture yourself six months from now as a self-assured professional writer. You look the part, act the part - and most importantly FEEL the part. You approach new clients with a deep sense of confidence that comes from truly believing you know what you’re doing, and then you deliver the type of exceptional customer service that has clients asking to work with you over and over again.


That’s what 1:1 coaching from RN2writer can do for YOU.


So stop dreaming about your career as a nurse writer and do something to make it happen! 


Apply today for private coaching. We can’t wait to work with you one-on-one to help you achieve your business goals.

stop dreaming & start doing!

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We offer training in the best remote, work-from-home nursing job - freelance health writing. If you’re looking for the perfect side hustle for nurses or a full-time nurse business, you can rely on RN2writer to deliver educational courses, coaching, and community for nurses of all degrees, licensures, and backgrounds across the U.S., Canada, and beyond. We welcome all nurses: RN, LPN, NP, APRN, CRNA, FNP, CNM, etc. We also serve other healthcare clinicians and professionals: CNA, MD, PA, LCSW, PharmD, radiology tech, CEO, CNO, CMO, and anyone else with a background in healthcare. Welcome!
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