Content Consulting and the Benefits of Freelancing, with Ashley Hay

About Ashley Hay:  Ashley Hay, experienced registered nurse and owner of AHay Nursing, P.C. dedicated her career to both pediatric & adult oncology care. Dealing with progressive and chronic health issues of her own, she found a way to shift her path - merging passions for medical education and creative writing. She transitioned from bedside care to freelance medical writing, content consulting, and entrepreneurship. Ashley has successfully run her business since 2017.

Host Elizabeth Hanes BSN RN built a six-figure writing business in her spare time. Today, she coaches other nurses how to become freelance writers through the RN2writer project.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  1. 2:50 How did you get started?
  2. 5:30 Scientific Nurse Writing
  3. 9:49 How do you get into Content Consulting?
  4. 14:45 Articulating Your Added Value as a Nurse
  5. 18:50 Writing Job vs. Freelancing
  6. 25:45 How do you find time to work?
  7. 29:00 Shortening your learning curve

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