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"It has been my dream and ultimate goal to combine my journalism and nursing degrees for a long time and Beth and the RN2Writer Ultimate: Health Journalism Basics for Nurses Workshop has made that dream a reality. I can't thank her enough for opening up the freelance health writer world for me. The workshop gave me action steps and a plan that I could put into place immediately and paved the way of exactly what I needed to do to be successful. I landed my first gig a week after completing the workshop. It was the best money I ever spent. I'm so excited to start this journey. Thank you Beth!"
Amy Isler
Isler Health Communications

Maybe you’re asking why you should join me, of all people, on this escapade into freelance writing. Good question!

My name’s Beth, and for nearly a decade I’ve been known professionally as “the nurse who knows content.” I built a six-figure writing business in my spare time – and have mentored other nurses who did the same.

I’m not one of those coaches who don’t seem to walk their talk. In fact, my primary business is Hanes Health Content. I still work with clients every day while also coaching nurses on how to find success as freelance writers - because that's my true passion and calling in life. I can help you launch a lucrative writing business, too.

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